Our Business

Production Line Services

We undertake contract works on whole or part of a production line. Thanks to the safety and the high quality of the work delivered daily, we are highly appreciated and trusted by our cutomers.
  • Operations for Pig Casting Machines Operating Pig Casting Machine
  • Operations for the Drum Can Production Line Operating the Drum Can Production Line
  • Coil Packing and Logistics Coil Packing and Logistics
  • Aid Works for Coke Oven Operations Coke Oven Operations


  • Cargo Handling Operation of Blast Furnace
  • Works for Blast Furnace Water-Granulating
  • Works for Blast Furnace Trough Control
  • Stampable Sheet Manufacturing Operations
  • Manufacturing Operations for River-Eco charcoal (woody)
    ® and Refuse Derived Fuel