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Company History

1971 Sep. Sanyo Industry Ltd. is incorporated for can manufacturing, piping and welding in Mizushima.
1973 May Engages in manufacturing and maintenance of blast furnace troughs, converters and electric furnaces in Mizushima.
Sep. Chiba Office opens and engages in various furnace installation work at Chiba Works of Kawasaki Steel Corp. (KSC)
Oct. Renamed Sanyo Furnace Co., Ltd.
1977 Apr. Constructs KSC Chiba Works No. 6 Blast Furnace and trough refractory, manufactures metal parts for troughs and conducts maintenance on them.
1980 Oct. Repair work on KSC Chiba Works No. 5 Blast Furnace and trough refractory maintenance work.
1985 Aug. Design and construction of heating furnace at KSC Chiba Works iron powder plant.
1987 Aug. Engineering Division established at Muroran mainly for designing and manufacturing machinery.
Sep. Design and construction of humidity control coal bunker at coke plant of KSC Chiba Works.
Oct. Constructs continuous casting tundish and conducts maintenance on it at KSC Chiba Works No. 1 Steelmaking Plant.
1988 Jan. Works at KSC Chiba Works No. 6 Blast Furnace Cast House.
1990 Jun. Renamed SEFCO Co., Ltd.
Jun. Receives order for facility engineering work from the Korean national steelmaker (automatic container cranes).
1993 May Receives order for construction of production line from a major Taiwanese wire rod maker.
1994 Apr. Operates coke oven at KSC Chiba Works.
1996 Mar. Receives order for construction of steel-making secondary refining facility from the Korean national steelmaker.
1998 Sep. Sefco Maintenance (current Megatech Corporation) is incorporated.
1999 Apr. Receives contract for operations at three plants of Kawatetsu Container Co., Ltd., in Itami, Chiba and Mizushima.
2000 Mar. Renamed MEGATECH Co., Ltd.
2001 Nov. SEFCOTEC Corporation incorporated.
2002 Mar. Receives contract for operations at Chiba Plant of Kawatetsu Galvanizing & Coating Co., Ltd.
2004 Mar. Receives contract for operations at Matsudo of Kawatetsu Galvanizing & Coating Co., Ltd.
Apr. Establishes Kashima, Niihama and Shioda Offices.
2005 Apr. Overseas Business Division, Kyushu Branch, opened in Kumamoto Prefecture.
Oct. Keiyo Office and Kashima Office split off and merged into a subsidiary; MT KANTO Corporation is incorporated.
2010 Jun. Receives contract for repairing molds from Bridgestone Plant Engineering Co., Ltd. Tokyo Office opens.
2011 Mar. Establishes local corporation JAM VIETNAM Ltd., primarily for processing and sale of steel sheets.
2012 Oct. Establishes local corporation MT VIETNAM Co., Ltd. , primarily for Importation and sale of steel sheets,Manufacture, Instllation and Maintenance for machinery and equipment.