Company Profile

Message from the top management

President: Shigeru Nagao

 Our company is a total engineering company that brings together high technological skills of maintenance and engineering in the machinery sector and the refractory sector.

 Ever since its establishment in 1971, our company has been mostly engaged in the construction and maintenance of facilities belonging to JFE Steel Corporation. In carrying out our work, we have abided by our motto, “Treat difficulties as worthwhile challenges” and have constantly adhered to our basic philosophy that the starting point of corporate management is to expand the “people-to-people” network and that “Manufacturing—monozukuri—is founded on human resources development.”  As a result, we have earned deep trust from our customers and are considered as their best partner. In the process, we have also been able to accumulate a number of hard-to-acquire techniques and skills which have become our priceless asset.  I am deeply convinced that our employees’ commitment to maximize customer satisfaction through their acute safety consciousness, abundant ingenuity and constant cost cutting efforts results from the above-mentioned human resources development philosophy.  In recent years, we have expanded our operation to industries outside of the steel industry by applying techniques and skills acquired through engineering and maintenance of steel manufacturing facilities; to secondary processing of steel products; and to the provision of support to the manufacturing industry; all the while providing “Safety, Quality and Technology” that have been the source of customer satisfaction.

 Above all, the focus of our activities will continue to be on maintenance, the core of our business, from the viewpoint of “MAINTENANCE IS MANUFACTURING,” i.e. “productive maintenance.  ” We will continue our effort to develop human resources and to improve our skills; we will strive to become an excellent company that is the source of pride of each employee and trusted by the society at large–not to mention our customers.
 Your further support is greatly appreciated.

Chairman & CEO Nagao Shigeru