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Message from the top management

President: Shigeru NagaoMegatech Corporation brings high-level technologies to our clients by providing services in the upstream of the steel production process, such as maintenance work, construction of facilities and operational support. Ever since our foundation, our philosophy has been “The starting point of manufacturing –monozukuri– is human resources development.” I firmly believe that only those companies that care about every one of their employees—because he or she is doing the actual work—can earn the confidence of the customer and develop to become a good company. A company is like a family, and the employee a family member. Our workplace is very horizontal, with very little distance separating the managerial level and the rest. Effective communication between them is encouraged so that each side understands the thinking of the other, providing a basis for a robust human relationship and an environment in which each one can fully exercise one’s capabilities. If all of us working for Megatech could move forward in unison, then we will be able to stay ahead of the competition. To those of you joining us, I strongly express my wish that you stay with us for a long time and grow together with us. Nobody should be a simple cog in a machine. For a business person, nothing is more satisfying than experiencing the process of personally taking the initiative to create a business and making it generate revenue quickly. I am confident that Megatech provides a stage, not merely of acquiring skills, but for a person to grow as a human being. The skills and experience that our employees have obtained represent a precious asset for the company as well. A dream is something to be realized, not just to be dreamed. Megatech will continue to relentlessly upgrade its unique technological capabilities, so as to stay well ahead of the competitors and to become a century old company. I am waiting to welcome you at Megatech Corporation, where you can work free of worry to realize your aspiration. Chairman and Representative Director Nagao Shigeru