Handling of Personal Information

MEGATECH Corporation will make every effort to protect information regarding the privacy of our custmers. Whenever personal information of a customer is asked by Megatech through this website, it will be within the strict minimum necessary, and supplying it will be at the discretion of the customer.
1. Collection of personal information and the purpose for its collection
When we ask our clients or potential clients to provide us with their personal information, it will be for the following purpose : To perform services MEGATECH is capable of providing and to execute work auxiliary to such services.
2. Handling and storage of personal information
MEGATECH Corporation will take appropriate protective measures so as to prevent, to the maximum extent possible, loss, damage, alteration and leakage of personal information in its possession.
3. Sharing of Personal Information
MEGATECH Corporation does not share the personal information of any of our customer in its possession with any third party without obtaining personal consent from the relevant customer, except in the following cases : # When necessary to cooperate with government agencies, municipalities or mandated agencies acting in accordance with laws and regulations; or # When necessary to submit documents contaning personal information to a public office in the course of providing services to its customer; or # When necessary to protect life, body or property of an individual.
4. Correction, addition or deletion of personal information
When the owner of personal information requests its modification, such as, correction, addition or deletion, we will promptly act accordingly.
5. Revision of policy regarding protection of personal information
MEGATECH Corporation may revise,without advance notice, its Privacy Policy in response to changes in society, technological advancement or any situation requiring a revision.
6. Copyright
The copyright of the content of this website, including texts, photographs, data, images and graphics, and their layout, editing and structure belongs to MEGATECH Corporation. Consequently, any unauthorized use of all or part of the website including replication, sending, broadcasting, publishing, distributing, posting, assigning, lending, translating, giving use, permission, reuse etc., as well as reproduction, modification, manipulation, and commercial use is discouraged.
7. Disclaimer
MEGATECH makes every effort to ensure that information contained in this website is accurate. However, the company is not responsible for any damage arising from the use of such information vis-a-vis third parties.